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Gallery Folders

Super Dragon ball  Equestria Girls Crossover by Deidrax
Discord Headshot by DaChosta
MLP: My Little Centaur Man by RainbowxxxDash
MLP: Return of a Tyrant by RainbowxxxDash
Villains Together
R: Nightmares by Joan-Grace
Alone At Last by Joan-Grace
Bad influence by AlberBrony
Nightmare Ponies by Bethiebo
Opera Prima by Roger334
The Longest Night (Japanese Poster) by Roger334
An Old Friend by Roger334
Nightmare Moon by ShadowsKetch1203
The Longest Night (HD Wallpaper III) by Roger334
Discord  by ALuckyToaster
Winter Sunset by BackgroundUser
Muffins and Discord by PokeBlahBlahBlah
Queen Chrysalis + Evil Cadence
The Great Mud Palace by Roger334
Chrysalis2 by KishinShruikan
Queen Chrysalis by KishinShruikan
Dark Rose now on DeviantArt by Roger334
King Sombra
The Longest Night (HD Wallpaper II) by Roger334
Kiriban by dividedby-ZER0
[sketch] King Sombra by ObscureDragone
King Sombra by UltraRD
Lord Tirek
The Magic is strong within you by MelSpyRose111
New Alliance by MisiekPL
Lord Tirek Redesign by Jboy32x
I'm going to get out of here... by darkwoon
Starlight Glimmer
My little pony [Season 5]        Ep 1,2 - Equal by Marenlicious
Inequality by Dahtamnay
But I didn't listen! by dennyvixen
We are all EQUAL by Shivall
Ahuizotl by DingoBreath
Ahuizotl by harwicks-art
ZQUOOON by Ssalbug
Ahuizotl and Friends by Ssalbug
Trixie Lulamoon 'Season 3'
Corrupted Trixie by Janji009
The Great and Powerful Trixie Portrait  by KikunaPie
The Great and Overpowered Trixie !!! by VittorioNobile
Corrupted Trixie by cmaggot
Dimond Tiara
Diamond tiara and her house maid by daisymane
Broken Diamond by Tartifondue
Spoiled Rich by barskavil
Chibi Diamond Tiara by Nelly250
Silver Spoon
SilverSpoon by FlutterShy-5473
I really like this place. by Handsockz
I lost something here. by Handsockz
Silver by Handsockz
Babs Seed
Babs Seed by Tarantad0
Babs Bad Seed by EdmondRad
Babs ''Bad'' Seed by NolyCS
MLP Portrait Series - Babs Seed by SpainFischer
Sunset Shimmer
She-Demon  by samnightmare
Sunset Shimmer's human counterpart by MelSpyRose111
fire demon (sunset shimmer) by samnightmare
Equestria beaches by AlberBrony
The Dazzlings
Color Palette Challenge - Dazzlings by Madness-with-Reason
Vaporwave Razzle Dazzle by Madness-with-Reason
Legend of disguise by AlberBrony
Crowndzg by Madness-with-Reason
Trixie Lulamoon 'Season 1'
Great and Powerful by Nokills-Clan196
Trixie by papibabidi
The great and powerful stretch by DarkKodKod
Let the Show Begin! by SketchyChangeling
Lightning Dust
Who Is Faster by Deidrax
Catch Me If You Can by Deidrax
Goodbye Dash I guess you weren't FAST ENOUGH by Deidrax
Lightning Dust - All Flash, No Substance by Karzahnii
Gilda the Griffen
Sweet dreams by KingToby19
The Griffins also eat by KingToby19
Sketches n'Doodles #4: Gilda by Meskitt
Garble and the Other Teenage Dragons
Extra Luggage by Changeling209458
Enraged Garble by Tigerbeetle
Hoard for a Dragon by Changeling209458
Dragons Don't Do Friends by Changeling209458
Flim and Flam
Better Luck Next Town by C-Puff
Flim Flam Bros. by SpainFischer
Square Series - Flim and Flam by SpainFischer
World famous, Flim Flam Brothers! by Dear-Cotton-Candy
Diamond Dogs
MLP - Rover (bust) by metalsmileXD
Diamond Dogs Are Gonna Getcha by Mickeymonster
Diamond Team by TheDoggyGal
Bad Dreams by WhiteDiamondsLtd
Mane-Iac! by Bleff172
Humanized Mane-iac Mayhem by Nokills-Clan196
My hair is dangerous by samnightmare
The Mane-iac's Prisoner by Changeling209458
Sunset She-demon
Pixelicious - Dark Sunset Shimmer by Drewdini
MLP EQG- Demon Sunset Shimmer by HoneyCane
sunset shimmer demon form by miracle32
Sunset Shimmer by DarkAlchemist15
Changeling by TheDoggyGal
Solar Flare-The Lady of Ashes by MelSpyRose111
In the Presence of Erebus by MelSpyRose111
Ambiguous by AlberBrony
Astelle by MelSpyRose111
Nightmare Rarity by Nokills-Clan196
nightmare rarity (eg) by samnightmare
Nightmare Rarity by Queenlicious101
Nightmare Rarity by CadenceMoonknight
Older Generation Baddies
Catrina the Enchantress by MelSpyRose111
Grogar wants hands by MelSpyRose111
Grogar Ref 1 by Franciska1991
King of All Monsters Grogar by Franciska1991
N. Moon (animated) by TheShadowscale
Fluttercord first animation test :3 by Kyumiku
Waiting #2 (GIF) by Aka-Ryuga
Long Live The Queen (animated) by TheShadowscale
Custom crafts
Img 7086[1] by cosmocatcrafts
Slytherin! by LanaCraft
Chibi Discord by NakedSkull
Sunset Shimmer: ''I had good teachers'' by LanaCraft
L i t e r a t u r e
RT Ep. 6: The Rise of Golus Pt. 1 by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 5: Just Sign It! by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 4: For the HELL of It! by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 3: Bieber Fever by MasterofNintendo
Changelings and Wuv by MelSpyRose111

Mature Content

Lecciones de amistad 6 by Astrosaurio
moonlight. Lunacord comic by LunacordLover
lunacord _ comic 1 by LunacordLover
The Changeling Kingdom by Laszl
The Seven Deadly Sins of Grogar by MelSpyRose111
Queen Chrysalis - 4k Wallpaper by ZidaneMina
A Kids Show (Remake) by Animerge
The Love In The Legend Of Everfree by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Love you by tejedora
cute grumpy pony . lunacord by LunacordLover
truly chaotic night by LunacordLover
If You Give a Scientist an Alchemy Book.... by MasterofNintendo
The Reviewing Begins... by MasterofNintendo
Princess Luna VS Freddy Krueger by MelSpyRose111
Sora vs. King Sombra by JazzyTyfighter
Now, Now, Ahuizotl by Ric-M
Just a Gilda by Ric-M
Discord by Ric-M
Villains (humanized) by Ssalbug
I'm productive, really! by Az-Pekt
queen Sombretta by EvilFrenzy
Lady Tirek by TheShadowStone
Come Closer by ParadoxBroken
Touch my Body by ParadoxBroken
Chrysalis Bikini by ZantyARZ
Adagio Asks... by DANMAKUMAN
Aria and her little bird. by trainbang
Derpy and Discord by PokeBlahBlahBlah
Downfall sketch by arianat
Sunset Shimmer in maid costume by The-Park
Style comparision by Kessandra-S
Concept development pirate Sonata Dusk by Jurgenzuo
[redraw] Twilight Vs Starlight Glimmer by Starlet8228
Nightmare Moon by Skitsniga
One Special Gift by Roger334
Discord T shirt vector by Mickeymonster
Questioning Discord by Zacatron94
Discord Puppet by icelion87
The Times They Are A Changeling - Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Equestria Girls mov 1 by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
MLP - Equestria girls - Flutter Brutter by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Happy NMM Jack-O'-Lantern (2015) by Roger334


Thanks to all the Group who Affiliated us! :heart:
:iconlightning-dust-fans: Lightning-Dust-Fans Lightning never strikes 2 times! :icontrixiesupremacy: TrixieSupremacy Was there ever any doubt? :iconnightmare-rarity: Nightmare-Rarity :iconmysunsetshimmer: MySunsetShimmer Only The Best Sunny Unicorn! :iconmlpdiscord: mlpDiscord :iconqueenchrysalisclub: QueenChrysalisClub :iconnightmaremoon-fans: NightMAREMoon-Fans :iconahuizotl-fc: Ahuizotl-FC YOU SHALL MEET YOUR DOOM! :iconmane-iac-fan-club: MANE-IAC-fan-club This is the 1st MANE-IAC Group! :icondiscord-fanclub: Discord-Fanclub Where Storms of Chaos Brew~

Main Groups and Icons


*Nightmare Moon
:iconnightmaremoonplz: :iconnightmaremoon-fans:
:iconmlpdiscordplz: :icondiscord-fanclub: AND :iconmlp-discord-fans:
*Queen Chrysalis
:iconqueenchrysalisplz: :iconmlpchangelings:
*King Sombra
:iconkingsombraplz: :iconking-sombra-fanclub:
*Lord Tirek
:icong4tirek: :iconlord-tirek-fc:
*Starlight Glimmer
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: :iconequalestria:


*Flim and Flam
:iconquestionmarkplz: :iconflim-flam-bros-fc:
*Trixie Lulamoon
:icontrixielulamoon: :icontrixiesupremacy:
*Lightning Dust
:iconlightningdust: :iconlightning-dust-fans:
*Sunset Shimmer
:iconsunsetshimmerplz: :iconmysunsetshimmer:
*Glida the Griffon
:icongildaplz: :iconthegriffinempire:
*Diamond Dogs
:iconquestionmarkplz: :icondiamond-dogs-fanclub:
*Garble & Gang
:icongarbleplz: :iconmlp-teenaged-dragons:


*Diamond Tiara
:icondiamondtiaraplz: :icondiamond-tiara-lovers:
*Silver Spoon
:iconsilverspoonplz: :iconsilver-spoon-club:
*Babs Seed
:iconbabsseedplz: :iconbabs-seed-fc:


:iconmlp-mane-iacplz: :iconmane-iac-fan-club:
:iconahuizotlplz: :iconahuizotl-fc: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


:iconnightmaremoon-plz: :iconnightmare-rarity:
oh and this Comic villainess...


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